Rosacea Types

Rosacea is a skin condition that usually affects the face however it can appear on your neck and upper body. There are different rosacea types and in this article we aim to deal with the main four. Rosacea is a progressive skin condition and will normally start with minor symptoms which get worse over time if it’s not treated. Below are the four Rosacea types you can suffer from.

Erythematotelangiectatic Type of Rosacea

The most common form of rosacea is Vascular type of rosaceaThis is one of the most common form of Rosacea and is often referred to as “vascular Rosacea” or “Pre Rosacea”. In fact, many medical professionals don’t see this as an actual form of Rosacea, just a warning sign that you’re developing it.

People who suffer from this will experience more blushing in the face than they once did and, in some it can be persistent. You may also notice that you start to get spidery like red veins around the areas where you blush. Both of these symptoms happen because the blood vessels beneath your skin have started to dilate. Home treatment for rosacea and medical attention should be sought at this stage, and there are various oral or topical drugs your doctor can give you. You may also wish to have laser treatment done to combat the appearance of blood vessels.

Papulopustular Rosacea

All natural home remedies for rosacea that will help to heal the conditionThis is one of the more serious Rosacea types and it can actually start to be quite painful. What will happen is your face will begin to develop “pustules” or red lumps and these will normally appear around your nose and cheeks. The redness in your face will also become worse. These Rosacea signs may look like acne but it’s actually very different and should not be treated with acne creams.

Phymatous Rosacea

What you should do with Phymatous rosacea typeThis is yet another more serious form of Rosacea and you will reach this stage if you leave the initial symptoms untreated. The most classic symptom when you develop this is a bulbous nose with lumps on it. This is also called Rhinophyma, your nose will become deep red in color and it can also be painful. The skin on and around your nose will thicken and many people end up feeling embarrassed about their appearance. These symptoms can be treated in various ways but for those that have the more advanced form, laser surgery might be the only option.

Ocular Rosacea

Ocular type of rosacea and the way to deal with itThis where things get really serious because Ocular Rosacea is the most serious of all types of Rosacea. During the various stages, you will suffer tender skin that can bring with it a stinging sensation, burning and itchiness.

This last stage of Rosacea can be very damaging to your health because it affects the eyes. You may suffer from blood-shot eyes, more styes than you have had and your eyelids can swell up. In the most serious of cases, it can cause blurred vision and even blindness.

If you have this Rosacea type, medical attention is an absolute MUST! Your doctor will prescribe low dosage antibiotics which contain tetracycline. Over time, this can be kept under control.

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