Rosacea Diet Plan

the most effective rosacea diet plan to considerWhilst Rosacea is a difficult skin condition to treat, it is not impossible to treat. As you may well know, there is a multitude of different ways to treat rosacea. Some of these methods are natural and others medicinal. The reason why there are so many different treatments is because not everything works for one person. However, there is one treatment that is more beneficial than any other. In fact, I don’t think there is one person suffering from Rosacea who would not benefit from this treatment. Let me introduce you to the Rosacea Diet.

Foods to Eat and to Avoid With Rosacea Diet Plan

Drink Plenty of Water

Let’s start off by discussing something that you absolutely must do. This is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Make sure that it is filtered water. Water that comes directly from a faucet is not going to help you at all. In fact, it is going to make the problem a lot worse. Thankfully you can pick up an affordable filter from pretty much any homewares store nowadays. The reason why you need to drink water is to help your body flush out any of the bad stuff that is going to be floating around your body which is known to cause flare-ups. If there is no water there to ‘flush it away’ and keep your body clean you are going to be much more prone to a flare-up.

Avoid Coffee and Alcohol

When it comes to drinking you are going to want to avoid some things. For example, both alcohol and coffee are known to cause inflammation in the body. I am not saying that you will want to completely cut them out. However, you are going to need to cut down the amount that you consume considerably. I suggest drinking some, and then cutting the amount down to a point where flare-ups are no longer a regular occurrence.

It is very rare that you are going to need to cut out everything. Be aware that this may need to happen though. Red wine is particularly bad for red flushes. If you are suffering from them then you are going to want to ensure that you avoid red wine before the problem disappears. You may also want to cut down on drinking dairy. This contains a number of allergens which will make flare-ups worse.

Stay Away from Red Meats

It also suggested that you try to cut down on the amount of meat that you eat on a weekly basis. You do not need to go fully vegetarian. However, you are going to want to limit yourself to just one portion of meat a week. If possible, make sure that it is a lean meat such as chicken. The reason why you want to do this is because there is a natural chemical inside of the meat which is known for promoting inflammation in the body. If you consume too much of it then it is going to make your rosacea problem a lot worse.

Get Some Fish!

Fish is the main source of Omega-3 | Diet for rosaceaDespite not being able to eat that red meat, you can eat fish. You will want ‘oily fish’. This is because they contain Omega-3. As you most likely know, Omega-3 is absolutely fantastic for combatting inflammation, particularly in cases of rosacea.

You should try to eat around four servings of omega-3 rich food on a weekly basis. If you can’t stomach fish then you can either opt for supplements (not recommended as these can contain chemicals that can trigger your rosacea), or you can opt to have a bit of flaxseed oil. You will want around one tablespoon a day drizzled over your food. Many people notice that their skin starts to clear up within around three months of integrating more omega-3 into their diet.

Say No to Saturated Fat, Have Some Natural Food

You are going to want to ensure that you cut down on some of the things that you really do not want inside of your body. This means unhealthy things such as saturated fat and sugars. These tend to build up in your body and cause flare-ups.

You are going to want to eat more natural food. For example, those that suffer from rosacea may benefit from having more whole grains, fruits and vegetables in their diet. For example, you may want to eliminate white bed completely. Instead opt for seeded brown bread. It is going to be much more beneficial for you. You are also going to want to avoid mature cheese. This is notorious for making the problem a lot worse. This is because there are things inside of it which trigger inflammation.

Help Your Body – Quit Smoking!

Of course, you are also going to want to cut down on some habits. Therefore if you are a regular smoker, you are going to need to learn how to quit. Chances are, if you are a smoker and suffering from regular bouts of rosacea it is all down to the cigarettes and that is all that you are going to need to do in order to kiss goodbye to the problem once and for all.

Hydrochloric Acid

Finally, if you can I suggest that you purchase some hydrochloric acid. You can purchase it from most health food stores. You are going to want to take around 600mg a day. The reason for this is that those who do suffer from rosacea do not produce enough of this acid in their stomach. This eventually leads to severe redness. Just a small amount of hydrochloric acid as part of your rosacea diet will improve your symptoms considerably.  You will only need to take the supplement for around four months before your body will start producing more acid naturally. This means that by taking this simple supplement you may help your body considerably for the future.

This is of course just a very brief guide to the Rosacea Diet. If you wish to put it into practice (and you really should, it is incredibly effective!), you are going to need to carry out a bit more research. Thankfully for you, there is plenty of information available out there online. This guide should have given you a nice push in the right direction however.