The Best Rosacea Medication Products

Consultant explaining the best rosacea medication productsAs you may well know, Rosacea is a condition which is impossible to cure. However, there are a number of ways in which it can be treated. On this page I want to take a look at the best products for rosacea that a medical professional will use when determining rosacea treatments.

As you most likely know, there are a number of treatments on the market which are more natural. And we strongly suggest to read the article on how to treat rosacea naturally. However, for the majority of patients with moderate-to-severe cases, you are going to need to opt for medical treatment. This is the only way sadly.

Let’s start with the rosacea medication that you can be prescribed. There are also weaker forms of this medication available directly from your pharmacy, but to be honest, if you are looking into rosacea medication then it is likely that you have tried these methods and found that they did not work.

The Most Common Rosacea Medication


This is normally prescribed as a gel or a cream. It is only used for the treatment of mild to moderate rosacea. It will not be that effective on anything that is too intense. There are a number of side effects associated with Metronidazole, so you will need to talk to your doctor if you feel there is skin irritation. Metronidazole is typically used twice a day and exposure to sun or any form of UV light is unadvisable. While the former can be avoided, the latter has to be ensured if you have any lamps or bulbs at your house that emit UV rays. Metronidazole is not necessarily harmful for your skin but as we said above, irritation is a common side effect. One problem with Metronisazole is that it takes a long time to show results and furthermore is not a permanent answer to rosacea treatment.

Azelaic Acid

This is used when the Metronidazole is not having any effect or is causing too much irritation. It is used in pretty much the same way. The job of Azelaic acid is to unclog the pores and to remove inflammation and redness of the skin. It also takes a long time, often several months to show any results. Alcoholic cleansers, peeling agents, astringents and tinctures should be avoided. Unlike Metronidazole, Azelaic acid has side effects and almost anyone who uses it would have dry skin, itchiness or burning sensations. The side effects are short lived and so are the results. Azelaic acid comes in cream as well as gel form and is applied once or twice daily depending on the specific condition of the skin.


Medicine for rosacea | rosacea medical treatmentIf you have slightly more serious symptoms then the doctor may suggest that you use antibiotics. It is only the most extreme cases you will be prescribed these though as you do not wish for your body to build up a tolerance to the antibiotics as it will stop working eventually.

It is unlikely you will be prescribed for any longer than a couple of months. Being prescribed them for less than this is actually preferable. The treatment is not intended to kill the bacteria in this case, which is normally what antibiotics are used for. Their job will be to simply reduce the inflammation of the skin.

If you are suffering from rosacea then you will most likely be prescribed either tetracycline or erythromycin. The latter option is mainly for those women who are pregnant or going through breastfeeding. The former can be used in pretty much any circumstance. Both the antibiotics have several restrictions and advisories for people who have had certain types of medical histories and that list include heart ailments, liver problems and kidney problems among others. Your doctor will decide which one is going to be the most beneficial for you. These rosacea medications are available in both syrup and pill form.


Isotretinoin is often used when somebody is suffering from severe acne. However, it has been used in cases of rosacea when the dosage is limited a small bit. Your doctor will not be able to prescribe you with this rosacea medication. It will only be prescribed by your dermatologist, however it WILL NOT be prescribed if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant as it is known to cause birth defects. Isotretinoin also has some pretty severe side effects for other people too include headaches, dry skin, and even blood in the urine. It is safe to say that this will only be prescribed as a last resort when all other methods of rosacea medication have been exhausted.

Special formulated makeup

At this point it is worth noting that there are some companies out there who have developed special rosacea makeup for both men and women which has been designed to hide the symptoms of rosacea. You will need to carry out a quick Google search to find out if this is available in your country. However, it is certainly worth looking into as it can help, particularly during the more severe flare-ups.

Laser & Intense Pulsed Light or IPL Treatment

One of the things that is the worst about rosacea is the visible blood vessels that appear under the skin. For these people laser and intense pulsed light, sometimes referred to as IPL treatment can help. The idea here is that lasers will be aimed at the blood vessels. This will cause them to shrink to the point where they are no longer visible. This treatment has also been known to help eradicate flushing. Whilst this is an effective method it is worth noting that it is one of the more expensive treatments for rosacea out there, so you may want to think long and hard about whether it is the best product for rosacea treatment.

Plastic surgery

Doctor performing plastic surgery due to rhinophymaA rare symptom of Rosacea is that of thickened skin, this is known as rhinophyma and occurs around the nose. In this case you may be able to have plastic surgery. This will remove the thicker skin away from your nose.

It is worth noting that again this is going to be an expensive treatment, but it certainly is going to help you out a lot in terms of your confidence. There are a couple of ways this skin is removed. This includes a scalpel and dermabrasion.

In some cases you may suffer from ocular rosacea. This is where your eyes are affected. These treatments will involve eye drops, certain antibiotics and various measures to ensure your eyes stay clean. You will be referred to an eye specialist if these problems do start to occur!

As mentioned previously, there are also a number of over the counter rosacea medications available. These are probably the first thing that people look into when it comes to finding the best products for rosacea. You also should talk to your pharmacy about the rosacea medication available. It is worth noting that you do not want products that are made for treating acne. These will not work. You will want to use special rosacea creams and medications. They will be able to tell you what the most effective product they keep in stock is.

This is just a very brief guide to the best rosacea medication products and methods. Hopefully you have more of an idea about the best solutions though.